Non Student Visas

If you are applying for a visa in any category except Tier 4 (students), you do not need to book an appointment at a visa application centre.
You can attend any of our visa application centers during opening hours without an appointment, to submit the printout of your online application form.

Tier 4 (Student) Visas

Tier 4 students applying under the categories mentioned below are required to book an appointment prior to visiting the Visa Application Centre.

• Tier-4 (General) Student
• Tier-4 (General) (sponsored) student
• Tier-4 (scholarship) student

Tier 4 dependant applicants applying under the following categories are NOT required to book an appointment

Tier-4 (General) dependent partner
Tier-4 (General) dependent child
Tier-4 (Child) student
Tier-4 (Child) (sponsored) student

IMPORTANT:As part of the visa application procedure, you shall be finger-printed at the Visa Application Centre. If you have temporary injuries on hand, do not take an appointment till the injuries have healed. Please ensure that there is no coating of henna (or similar) on the hands on date of visit to the Visa Application Centre.

You will need to complete a visa application form online prior to visiting the Application Centre. To complete the form, please visit After completing, please include a signed printout in your application pack.

Please note: You will not be permitted to enter the visa application centre if:

• Your visa application form has not been completed

• The information and details provided at the time of booking an appointment does not match that of your passport.

Note: You cannot book an appointment by visiting or telephoning the visa application centres.

Please click on the appropriate link:
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